Why is there a gay accent affectation? (whatever)

by Mustard_of_puppets

Accentologists of Voat, Why is there a gay accent? Aren't accents regional things?

I can hear a faggot when he talks, why is that?

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They’re just acting. It’s an act. They wanted to have their own thing. They can sound normal if they want. I’ve heard them switch mid-sentence. They want to sound/act female

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This. It’s a way to let others know they’re deviants.

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accents come from hearing other people speak. If you immerse yourself in one niche community you'll end up sounding like them, doesn't matter if it's gays, nigs, toffs, or just a bunch of guys from the other side of the country.

Here in the UK there's also an "army" accent if you learn to listen for it, can pick out most ex soldiers any time as long as they don't have too much regional accent hiding it.

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Can you link an example of the 'army' accent? That's pretty interesting.

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It's more of an affectation than a true accent. The New England or "southern" speech types are regional accents, the gay affectation or more of a way to show yourself as part of a group. Virtue signalling, if you will.

Not unlike nigger speech. I grew up around it as much as anyone I've known as a child but I don't have it.

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More to the point, why the fuck am I hearing it on the radio so often?

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Because you're listening to the radio, that shits for brain rotting then television.

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Because they're flaming faggots and they have to let each other know that they have a gaping asshole.

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If your throat is coated with cum then you talk like that. Its not rocket science.

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To sound more feminine

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I've never met a chick with that accent though, they are doing it wrong.

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Not all gays have a gay accent, BUT ALL MEN WITH GAY ACCENT ARE GAY.

You won't get a scientific answer here... and I am too lazy to do the research response work for you.

Lots of laypeople information in citations area :


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I have always wondered that.

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That’s what happens when you talk for so many years with Dicks in ur mouth.

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I think it has to do with disengaging from their masculinity psychologically, so biologically it results in their voices going high as the vocal muscles are loosened. Really.

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This is easy. All of the pressure at the exit end of the digestive tract forces the whole system up, extending the tongue further into the mouth and causing the lisp. I call it extended tongue syndrome.

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It's for attention. There are loads of gay dudes that don't speak like they currently have a dick in their ass, the rest want to be known for the fact they are gay. Consciously or not.

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Injesting so much testosterone lowers the bodies own production...

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Low t

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It is an affected thing. Gays affect their 'accent' in the same way many of them affect their gesticulation. It is something that they do, because of what the mind is doing to the body.

If a gay's 'accent' were in any way a natural thing, there would necessarily be some empirical way to find non-gays who also have such an accent. Aside from the occasional (also degenerate) severe metrosexual who claims to be sexually attracted to women, heterosexual men don't behave that way.

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Whoever came up with the word lisp was a genius. ...the homos can't say it, but they all do it.