What Politicians Do - A Job Description

By Peter Wentley

In order to run for political office you have to spend a vast amount more money than any regular person could ever earn doing honest work.

To get the money to run for office you, either, have to be planted as a candidate by a special interest group, who asks you to be their shill, or you have to go to a corrupt business group and promise to rig the government for their profiteering in exchange for TV ads and search engine rigging.

Each election cycle there are a number of clown-like TV-ready funny candidates who do not have the funds to run and were placed there as "Pied Piper" pretend candidates to help swing election results or distract from key points in debates.

99% of the current elected politicians, are, essentially: Criminals.

Once they get in you can't get them out so all they care about is getting the Notice of Election.

The modern politician is compensated with bribes that come in many forms: Cash, sex, ads, search engine rigging, real estate, parties, media manipulation, legal fees, etc. The entire job of the modern politician is to make a fake concerned facial expression when you talk to them and to use the phrase "..I will make some calls..", convincingly.

There is absolutely no requirement for any politician to accomplish anything.

The entire life-cycle of the modern politician involves running their payola programs via this, or a very similar, process:

1. Senator gets bribe from Company X.

2. Senator’s spouse or daughter buys covert stock in Company X and the suppliers of Company X via Goldman Sachs, et al.

2. Senator makes law or exclusive ruling to give Company X exclusive cash and taxpayer resources.

3. Company X makes “campaign contribution” to Senator as a follow-up bribe.

4. Company X has Goldman Sachs use free government cash to “pump-and-dump” Company X stocks which Senator, Governor, DOE and Obama staff covertly own. Senator, DOE execs and Obama execs make billions in windfall profits via Google’s PR hype of the stock. (Of course, none of this is reported to the FEC and the SEC)

5. Senator and DOE staff black-list and sabotage Company X competitors from receiving the same benefits or competing with Company X.

6. As soon as the crooks get all of their skims, they bankrupt Company X and make even more profits off of the dead Company X by filing “Tax Loss” filings and take another windfall.

7. DOE, IG, FBI and DOJ refuse to investigate the crime and run cover-ups because some of their bosses own stock in Company X and the suppliers of Company X.

8. Wash, Rinse Repeat and they go out and do it all over again.

As you can see, being a modern American politician means that you get to run the Government like a Mafia-style crime syndicate.

You will join either 1.) The DC Beltway Scumbags, 2.) The Silicon Valley Scumbags, 3.) The Hollywood Scumbags, 4.) The Dallas Scumbags, 5.) The Chicago Scumbags or 6.) The Florida Scumbags. These are groups of men who manage regional political cartels. They will give you your orders.

The only way to stop you from doing your crimes is if the public shoots you. Since almost every politician, particularly Senator's, have stooped to the most extreme criminal graft possible, the most extreme political crooks should probably band together and try to take away all of the public's guns.

Politicians do something called "creating policy". This is the most bullshit term in the English language. "Policy" sounds like "goodwill policy" or "customer satisfaction policy" but political "policy" is, in fact, the rules a politician makes to pay off his campaign financier money-bags. "Policy" is standards rules for payola.

It works like this. Chicago mobsters with the DNC wanted a TV-catchy candidate, so they picked Obama because he could say TV sound-bites non-stop from memory. Google's Eric Schmidt said: "OK, we will rig all of the news and search results to make Obama President as long as Google gets all of the CIA contracts and as long as our Google VC's get the exclusive on electric cars and solar panels..."; "Done!" Said Obama. Obama then "made policy", or rules, so that Google's insiders got the CIA, electric car and solar panel stuff and nobody else did. See? Easy!

Now that you know how contemporary U.S. politicians operate, you should know about some of the downsides. It isn't all hookers and gin around the clock. Mostly it is..but not every minute!

Most people that you see running for office are narcissists with a pretty face who have a desperate need for affirmation. Almost all of them, though, are running for the corrupt cash.

That damn internet lets the entire world know about all of your rapes, drug addictions and crimes within an hour. Watch out for that stuff when you get "Doxed". You WILL get Doxed these days, so be ready.

The public can use that damn internet to monitor and investigate you better than the FBI and the CIA can. The Fed investigators are just collecting a paycheck, going through routines and unlikely to want to make trouble. The public investigators are mad, motivated and tireless in their pursuit of justice.. just sayin'. (oh yes.. and there are 300+ million of them)

So there you go. Do you want to be a Politician?