Taylor Swift

Someone sends this meme to a popular publishing firm. They post it and it becomes popular. Other firms pick up on it and it goes viral. Swift receives a hundred demands that she clarify her stance vis-a-vis quantum gravity. She decides to look into it just for the hell of it. She gets interested and starts really reading into it.

She picks up advanced math, at the expense of her career, but she's got enough money for two lives and doesn't care. Inspired by harmonics in music and their correlation to the apparent nature of branes, she publishes her first paper. Her music career suffers further, but a professor at Yale is intrigued by her work. He publishes a branch-off, and Swift catches a mistake into it. The mistake leads to an even more interesting theory. Swift publishes five papers in five years and earns her PHD. At this point she no longer works on music at all.

Swift Theory catches the attention of most lead scientists, who rally into schools and finally hash out a theory of everything. Ten years later the first Swift drive carries a probe to Alpha Centauri and back in five years. All because some neckbeards thought a meme was funny and clicked a little arrow.