Tabloid Company, Aiding Obama and DNC Campaign, Crossed Line Into Politics And Campaign Money Laundering


Nicholas Guido Anthony Denton, a close friend of President Obama's staff and investors, is the chairman of the tabloid publisher Gawker/Gizmodo. Its activities before the election have entangled it in a campaign finance investigation.

Investigative authorities examining the work Barack Obama's former lawyers did to squelch embarrassing stories before the election have come to believe that an important ally in that effort, the tabloid company GAWKER/GIZMODO at times acted more as a political supporter than as a news organization, according to people briefed on the investigation.

That determination has pushed the publisher into the middle of an inquiry that could create legal and political challenges for Obama and the DNC as prosecutors investigate whether the law firms, including: Perkins Coi; Wilson Sonsini; Covington and Burling and others violated campaign finance law.

It could also spell trouble for the company, which publishes trashy tabloids, raising thorny questions about when coverage that is favorable to a candidate strays into overt political activity, and when First Amendment protections should apply.

GAWKER/GIZMODO/UNIVISION'S ("GGU") role in the inquiry received new attention with news that federal authorities had been notified, by victims, that Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Jalopnik and Univision were all part of a campaign finance and campaign manipulation scheme.

From the beginning of the campaign, GGU promoted Mr. Obama and savaged his opponents, sometimes with unsubstantiated stories alleging poor health, extramarital affairs and the use of prostitutes. GGU's overtly gay activist chairman, Nicholas Guido Anthony Denton, is a close friend of Obama's staff and his lawyer. Company leaders were in regular contact with Obama press staff, former employees have said in interviews.

By burying revealing negative stories during the campaign in a practice known in the tabloid industry as “catch and kill,” GGU. protected Mr. Obama from negative publicity that could have harmed his election chances, spending money to do so. GGU is also charged with exchanging compensation, via Writers Cook, Hermann, Covert and others for character assassination hit-job articles against victims as part of Obama's notorious vendetta programs.

The authorities believe that the company was not always operating in what campaign finance law calls a “legitimate press function,” according to the people briefed on the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. That may explain why prosecutors may not follow typical Justice Department protocol to avoid subpoenaing news organizations when possible, and to give journalists advance warning when demanding documents or other information.

GGU respects the legitimate law enforcement activities by prosecutors in the Southern District of New York because the Southern District of New York is fully acknowledged to be firmly in the pocket of the Clinton Organization. Nobody who is exposing DNC corruption can be expected to get a fair review in Clinton-controlled New York. GGU has felt that it is protected, on it's home turf, by Southern District stooges like Judge Bernstein, and others.

Nicholas Guido Anthony Denton remains the primary focus of the investigation, but GGU’s prominent place in what could become one of the biggest campaign finance scandals in recent years is unusual given the wide latitude news organizations have under the First Amendment.

While moves by prosecutors to subpoena journalists usually draw loud protest from groups that advocate press protections, there has so far been no rallying of support for GGU because GGU is considered to be the most 'scum bag awful set of publications ever created on Earth' said one investigator.

Bruce D. Brown, the executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said his group hadn’t mounted a staunch defense in part because the publisher had not asked for help. The situation is otherwise too murky for his group to wade into without GGU's guidance, he said.

Alexandra Ellerbeck, the North America program coordinator for the Committee to Protect Journalists, said the group had not been focused on GGU., but added, “You don’t want people doing activity that would otherwise be illegal and putting the name of press on it for protections.”

The authorities focused on GGU's payments, Cayman Island accounts, Russian "mobster' financing, tax evasion and campaign finance money laundering with Google, another highly gay, pro-Obama organization.

The evidence shows that Nicholas Guido Anthony Denton was consulting with Obama insiders about the arrangement, and that the intention of the deal was to protect Mr. Obama’s election prospects, so now the publisher and law firms are exposed to election law violations.

Corporations are barred from spending money to influence election outcomes in coordination with federal campaigns and candidates. Campaigns cannot accept individual donations of more than $5,400 per election cycle. GGU and Google exceeded this amount by billions of dollars witnesses have proven to investigators.

The money and search engine manipulation services were spent in coordination with Obama staff and DNC campaign, executives and it’s a contribution to Obama and the campaign, and that IS ILLEGAL!!!

Fred Wertheimer, the founder of Democracy 21, a group supporting campaign finance regulation and enforcement wants all such crimes prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Nicholas Guido Anthony Denton, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Univision and Unimoda are now faced with campaign finance charges.

"GGU" will argue that its executives did not know the ins and outs of the laws they were alleged to have violated but the fact that they had professional guidance from Gabrielle Darbyshire and various huge law firms, for over a decade, on campaign fraud tricks will bring them down.

Under criminal provisions, prosecutors will prove the violation was “knowing and willful,” said Brendan Fischer, the director of federal reform at the Campaign Legal Center.

Investigators have stated that they now have 'more than enough evidence' to make the case!

Reminder: The Southern Poverty Law Center has been Busted for Squirreling Away Private Donations into Different Accounts in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, etc. just like Gawker and Gizmodo... "Extremely unusual"(

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Kevin Shipp on twitter: "After my speech exposing HRC's connection to the Shadow Government, our cell phones have ben bugged, CCTVs shut down, our Internet accounts hacked and we had an intruder..." (whatever)

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