Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes 'creepy line' was crossed long ago

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The dark, ugly truth about Google is oozing out

It’s up to Republicans in Washington to save Americans’ long-cherished values, like personal privacy, as well as institutions like freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, but time is short and will is lacking.

In fact, most GOP members of the House and Senate don’t even realize the country is facing such an existential threat from a weapon of mass delusion, subsidized by government, given special privileges by government and not being held accountable to rampant anti-trust provisions of existing law.

I’m talking about Google, the re-created Tower of Babel that is destroying the foundations of American society while cashing in as an unrestrained monopoly.

The only good news I have for you today is that the dark and hideously ugly truth about Google-YouTube is finally oozing out. Whether the American people and their elected representatives in Washington are able to comprehend the stakes of this diabolical plot fast enough and bring the only power on earth big enough to counteract this insidious and evil force quickly and decisively enough – namely the federal government – remains to be seen.

The whistle is being blown in the form of a new documentary called “The Creepy Line.”

It’s also being blown by Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

It’s being blown by President Trump in the White House.

It’s being blown by George Gilder in his new book “Life After Google.”

And it is increasingly being blow by the independent, alternative media like WND, and others representing the canaries in the coalmine faced with extinction.

Let’s start with “The Creepy Line.”

A trailer for the documentary film released Friday on YouTube, interestingly a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, aims to expose how Facebook and Google not only exploit nearly every facet of their users’ lives for profit, but how they manipulate them, too.

“The war on your free will is already over,” a screen card reads during the trailer for “The Creepy Line.”

The title got its name from an infamous 2010 speech by Eric Schmidt, the chief executive officer of Google at the time, who said his company’s policy was “to get right up to the creepy line and not cross it.”

The documentary has interviews with several high-profile public figures, including Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, who explain how these tech giants hold great power that threatens the very fabric of society.

“These are all free services, but obviously they’re not,” Peterson said. “Your interaction with them is governed so that it will generate revenue.”

Others interviewed in the ominous trailer warn that “Facebook constantly manipulates their users. They do it by the things they insert into the news feeds and they do it by the types of posts they allow their users to see.”

Google can and does suppress certain results based on what they think one should be seeing, another declared.

“They don’t sell you anything,” another interviewee said. “They sell you.”

An August report by Digital Content Next illustrates how Google tracks its users, even when they turn off the tracking feature, which has subsequently led to a lawsuit against the multi-gazillion-dollar tech monopoly.

Like Google, Facebook is constantly caught censoring the voices of Republicans, conservative, Christians and others they simply don’t approve of because of their own alt-left worldview that has triggered them to partner with the extremist Southern Poverty Law Center to set the ground rules for what you can and can’t say on the most important public platforms in America.

“The Creepy Line” is a production of Wandering Foot Productions, is written and produced by Peter Schweizer, and is directed by M.A. Taylor. Schweizer is the heroic author of “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich.” (The book ironically exposed Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long and lucrative ties with Russia that enabled them to profit on a deal that transferred up to 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves to the control of Moscow – what President Trump calls “the real Russia story.”)

The movie is set for release in New York Sept. 17.

Though I have been an outspoken critic of Google for a long time – dating back more than 10 years – I figured out only last year that what I call the “Speech Code Cartel” of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple, along with other tech companies, represents the gravest threat to American liberty in the history of the country. Unlike weapons of mass destruction that kill us all, this is another kind of WMD – a weapon of mass delusion – one that stealthily kills our freedom and the individual spirit that made America great.

WND, what I once called a weapon of news discernment, is facing an advanced attack by this cabal that threatens its continued existence through deprivation of search traffic and ad revenue – the lifeblood of an otherwise unpaid online news-gathering operation. As the very first independent, alternative online news source 21 years ago, we feel like a lab rat or guinea pig undergoing cold, calculated extinction experiments in the demonic laboratory of the Speech Code Cartel.

I urge you to do a few things if you value your constitutional rights and liberty: